Friday, February 08, 2013

A Tale About Knitting With Handspun

Once upon a time there was a lovely 4 oz. bump of Frabjous Fibers that did not know what it should be when it grew up.  But a nice lady took it home with her and lovingly spun it into singles.

Because the lady was a novice spinner and had not yet learned to Navajo ply, she decided to spin a bump of some Ashland Bay in a pretty cranberry color to go with the Frabjous Fiber.

When they were all plied together, the lady had a wonderful yarn that she was so happy with. 

But this lady just didn't know what to make with her new handspun yarn.  So she set it aside to admire and wait for it to speak to her.  She waited.  And she waited.  And she waited.

Eventually this lady began to feel kind of silly.  She had spun this yarn (and a few others) to be knit, not sit on a shelf.  She had even spun yarn for friends to knit, but the lady had never actually knit with her own handspun!  So the lady decided that this must be rectified immediately!  She went on a quest through the vast forest of patterns found in the mystical land of Ravelry.  After much searching, the lady finally stumbled upon a beautiful shawl pattern put out by the good fairy Miriam L. Felton.  This Lune Shawl had a magical swirl to its shape making it easy to wear.  It also had a variation that was in simple stockinette stitch...perfect for her yarn with it's many color changes.

And so, the lady cast on and began to knit with her handspun.  This made the lady so very happy, that she vowed to knit up ALL her handspun and to never be so foolish again.


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