Thursday, July 27, 2006

Another completed project!!!

A few weeks ago, I went to a fiber store in another town. The kind I could just spend hours in. The kind that has all the lovely, expensive yarns and wools and silks. The kind where you walk around in a daze, touching, and ooo-ing and aah-ing.

I picked up a hank of Rayon Boucle' by Fiesta. I put it down again, saying to myself, "There is no way I am paying that!"

I picked it up.

I put it down.

Suffice to say, I did that multiple times. Finally, I walked out. So overwhelmed by all the possibilities that I bought nothing!

But that beautiful sapphire skein of rayon haunted me the rest of the afternoon. And thus I begged my hubby to swing back by the shop before we left town!

Here is what I made. Photos do not do it justice. Everyone who has seen it is amazed. I can't take credit. It is not a hard pattern, but this fiber is gorgeous! My teenage daughter keeps trying to sneak off with it!

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And a close up of the fiber:
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Tracy Batchelder said...

Beautiful! The yarn is gorgeous and shows off well in this shawl pattern.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. As for the soap socks, they are so quick and easy to make you can whip them up in only a few hours.

kimodified said...

gosh, that IS beautiful!!!! I admire your creativity and industriousness!

So please tell me that's your daughter modeling it, and not you. BEcause I don't want to have to hate you for being so thin and youthful (um, from the neck down, since we can't see your face) after having SO! Many! Children! LOL. I can say that 'cause I may catch up some day. ;-)

Oh, but not to imply you're not thin and youthful because i know you ARE!

kimodified said...

oh, that was me. You know that's me by now, right?


MicheleStitches said...

Yep, that is my beautiful daughter. I do not show her lovely face because in our household, we are paranoid about internet security. There are just too many big bad wolves out there in cyberland!

Miranda @ The Scraps of Life said...

I definately see why you had to get it. And I am that way with my scrapping supplies. I just found a set of embellishments last week I REALLY want but will have to wait till my next order comes in! BTW I just started my blog on Blogspot last week!


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