Friday, October 13, 2006

The Best Way to Eat an OREO!!

Oreos and how to properly eat one...I know that there is much controversy on the subject. Do you take it apart and eat the cream first? Do you dunk it in milk? Well, my dear friends, I am here to tell you that today I made a fantastic discovery. Perhaps it is nothing new. Perhaps you have known this all along and neglected to tell me the wonderful news, (shame on you if you did!) but I have stumbled upon the truly BEST way to eat an Oreo. No glass of milk for me. No sirree! You dunk it in...a cup of coffee! Oh yum! Oh ecstasy! Oh delight! All these years and to think I never knew!!!


Unknown said...

I love dunking Oreos in milk, so I'll definitely have to try it with coffee! =P

I prayed for Josiah and Noah to do well on their SATs today.

Have a super weekend. =)

kimodified said...

oh no no no ...

1.) you buy double stuff oreos
2.) you carefully separate them and put the two cream-half sides together to make a quadruple stuff.
3.) eat
give discarded cookie sides to your husband.

Anna said...

Yummm...I am definately going to try that one.

Leslie said...

something + cup of coffee = much joy for Mrs. G


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