Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I must be a boring person!

I have decided that I must be a boring person, because lately, I have felt totally uninspired to blog. I don't seem to have anything to say! There is nothing terribly interesting going on in my life. It is just the usual hectic whirlwind of activity that comes from doing all that I do, and I hesitate to bore anyone with that! I apologize to my 2 readers who eagerly check my site daily for an update, only to have their hopes dashed! ;-D

However, for those of you who have stuck by me, regardless of my lack of posting, here is a photo for you:

Yes, that is what you think it is! It is a cut-open bottle of lotion! It was the kind with a pump. I am so dementedly un-wasteful that once the pump could no longer extract any product from the bottle, I took it out and proceeded to use it for days by turning it upside down and whacking the bottle. When that no longer worked, I would stick my finger in that itsy bitsy opening and try to get any small drop of moisturizer I could. When that became fruitless, I got frustrated because I could see there was still plenty of product in the bottle clinging to the sides. So, I cut it open to get all the rich creamy stuff that was all along the walls of the container, making it stretch for even more days!! What does this say about me? That I am extremely frugal and refuse to waste a single drop by throwing it away? That I am so cheap that I will go to extreme measures to avoid having to buy more? That I am broke, and have no choice? That I am totally off my rocker?

And my dear reader, you can take this post as proof positive on my theory that I must be boring. I mean, really! A post about cutting open a lotion bottle?? I rest my case and leave it to the jury to decide and the judge to pass sentence.

(Oh, I see that I have put both the judge and jury to sleep!)


Tracy Batchelder said...

I thought this post was really funny. Believe it or not, I've just reached that point in my pump bottle of lotion where it no longer works. Why do they make the tube so short anyway? There's plenty of lotion still in there. I might just skip the whacking of bottle method to extract more lotion and jump right to the cutting of the bottle.

kimodified said...

I bought a little funnel thingie ... um ... so when things are running low you put this little funnel thingie in it, and it has a tight stopper, so it can *sit* upside down and all the whatever drips into the container below.

At least, that's how I think it's supposed to work.

Because, while I always plan to be frugal, I am in fact predominantly slug and that often turns into just tossing the dregs and bottle and going without lotion. Slugs are slimy anyway.

But I loved your update. Post more, O Boring One. I am easily amused. ;-)

Anna said...

While yoy may THINK you are boring, my dear...you are indeed a humerous one and I enjoy reading your clips of "nonesense". Keep on posting and bringing a smile to my face. :)

Samantha said...

Funny and frugal I like the combination :)

Liliana said...

How did she cut it open so neatly???

Unknown said...

I thought I was the only one who did stuff like that! <_< >_> <_<

Jimmie Lu said...

That kills me!!!! I thought for sure I was the only one who did this!!!!

Pam said...

Dang that last bit of lotion always turns out to be ALOT left, it's worth the effort!!!

Anonymous said...
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