Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thanks, Kim, for the inspiration!

My lips are orange.

You may be asking yourself, "Why on earth are her lips orange?" Well, I shall tell you. My lips are orange because instead of having a second cup of coffee today, I pulled out my juicer and juiced some yummy, organic carrots. I sacrificed my java as an act of solidarity. My internet friend, Kim is trying to kick the coffee habit. So, I figure if the caffeine queen can give it a go, so should I.

Actually, I need to do a total overhaul on my eating and drinking habits. There is too much bad and not enough good these days. I know that this may sound extreme to most of you, but if I really want to feel good, I have to cut out caffeine, sugar, dairy, processed foods, red meat, most other animal products, and do proper food combining (fruit alone, proteins with veggies okay, carbs with veggies okay, but don't eat carbs and proteins in the same meal). I managed it after my last baby was born. I ate lots of whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies, and drank carrot juice regularly. I lost weight (which was nice, but not a major goal for me now), and more importantly, I had energy, my joint and muscle pains went away, and I felt good. I was also frequently making two different for my family and one for me. That got old. Also, I missed the whole social part of eating. I did well for months until the holidays came around. Then I fell off the wagon. I just haven't had the will power and determination to do it again.

However, I am getting pretty tired of feeling crummy, so I am praying about what I should do. I want to be my best and not settle for falling apart at 40.


kimodified said...

Oh you're so sweet, turning orange lips-first for me!

I won't even mention that i don't like carrot juice, LOL!

Actually I can put it in smoothies, but I can't just drink it plain. It's so carroty! LOL! Plus I turn orange very easily. Seriously!

Hey you know what? I'm doing okay on day 2 of no caffeine. I don't know if it was cutting back first, or a lot of prayer, or re-starting McDougall at the same time, but I'm not dead yet! LOL! It's a miracle to be sure!

I don't do the food combining thingie, but McDougall's program is a low fat vegan whole food sort of thing, so we're pretty close to on the same page. It'll be good to have a buddy! :-D

Unknown said...

I wish I had the willpower to do it. I admire you. Like you said, it's just really difficult to prepare two meals... =/

But I wish you awesome success!


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