Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Off the hook...

Nope, the socks are not finished yet! I had to interrupt their progress to crochet these two sweet little sweaters. My son's boss at Starbucks recently had twin boys and I wanted to do something special for them. Everyone at my house had fun ooo-ing and ah-ing these little itsy bitsy sweaters in preemie sizes. The pattern is sooooo easy! It is called "Baby It's Cold Outside." You can find it here if you are interested:

Also, there is a "crochet-along" for this pattern at Crochetville. Different folks have posted photos of their finished sweaters. Some have made versions for older kids and even grown up sizes.

For those who might want to know (I always want all the nitty gritty info when someone shows what they made) The pattern was written for Homespun yarn and a K hook. To make it smaller, I used Caron Simply Soft yarn and a G (4.25 mm) hook. I followed the pattern exactly. I bought one skein of each color and I probably have enough yarn left over to make two more sweaters! There is an awesome chart compiled here of different sizes and yarns etc. for this pattern:

These are the first shaped garments I have ever crocheted. Up till now, I have made things like afghans and such...squares, rectangles, etc. I even crocheted the little buttons...too cute!

Also, I have been making some stuff for my secret pal. But I can't tell you about those things because I wouldn't want to spill the beans!!

Other than the occasional knitting and crochet, life has been a total whirlwind of activity. I thought life was busy when I had 6 kids all ages 8 and under, but now that 5 of those six are teenagers (with a 10 and 5 year-old too,) I look back on those days as "slow and easy!" My hubby tried to tell me that having 7 kids was not going to be easy, and he was right! They are not bad kids, they just keep me hopping!


kimodified said...

those are so cute!

I started my first sock. I'm skeptical that it will be big enough. I don't think I've knit enough to check my gauge yet.

You're scaring me about big families getting busier and harder as they grow. I'm not gonna make it, is that's the case. :(

Not that we're that busy ... but I am not doing a great job at anything now, so what will I do when things get harder?

Liliana said...

They're darling. Your son's boss is going to love them. I bet they feel oh so soft too. I felt some baby yarn at the store and it was like touching a cloud. I'm getting ready to bead something. I am, for reals! I'm gearing up. My wheels are coming down to hit the runway anytime now. lol!

Kim, you just do what you have to do every day and it all adds up. You are a wonderful mum. I see it in your blog. Shoot, on your slowest day you do a ton more stuff than I do on a busy day!

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