Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I Really NEED a New Camera!

I really, really need a new camera. But when I start looking around, I get totally overwhelmed. Help! What do you use, and how do you like it?

Oh, and a little suggestion...do you post photos on your blog? Then how about telling the world what camera you use, either in your side bar or in your "about me" section? It is nice when I see photos I like, to know what camera was used. For instance, this person shimandsons.typepad.com was kind enough to mention in her "about" section that she uses a Sony Cybershot. Unfortunately, she doesn't give the exact model number, but I'll take what info I can get. It is nice to know that the camera is capable of producing photos like the ones I see on her site. Not necessarily sayin' that I could take such nice photos, but I would like to get a camera that is able to do so! Then I won't be able to blame my lousy pics on the equipment.


kimodified said...

I have a Canon S3-1S Powershot

that we like. Not being a photographer, sometimes I feel like it offers a little toooo much in the way of options and features, sometimes I'm not sure if they're working for me or against me, but I think mostly that means I should read the manual and get to know my stuff. :-)

On the "more megapixels is better" idea, remember that's only true if you do a lot of cropping to a smaller part of the pic but still want the pic large. Which you might do with your artwork. But not everyone needs the most cameras can offer.

hope that made a little sense! :-)

Marcia said...

I like my sony cybershot. It's about two years old. I think 7.2 megs, but I could be wrong about that. It might be 7.1. I don't like the delay before the picture takes. I'm not sure if there is a camera that is faster. It's pretty fast - but I want instant! LOL!

Promise Christian Academy said...

I am also in the need for a digital camera... we will hopefully go with cannon. I have a cannon non-digital (is there a proper word for that?) and it is nice... but not easy for blogging! The one I use now is my exchange student's! It does not take the best pictures, but for just blogging, it is ok. I want a better one, though, because I scrapbook and want quality photos for that purpose. I know this 'info' isn't really helpful to you, but to say that you are not alone in the hunting!
My friend Lynn at One Way or Another has a nice camera... check out her blog and leave a comment to ask what kind it is... I am sure she will reply.
Hilda Rebecca

Liliana said...

Well, I loved my Olympus and they've got great zoom. Gotta have zoom. It gets you up close without the people knowing you're right there (animals too). A 3X zoom won't get you up close at all. Canon is good too. Very, very good. I think they're up to S5IS. The IS stand for Image Stabilization and whatever you do, you need that. It keeps the camera shake away. Sports mode is mighty fine to have too. I think it's a must-have.

Unknown said...

Hi! I need a camera too. Alicia from rosylittlethings takes amazing photos and she uses:
Via Canon Powershot A80 or Fuji FinePix S9100
I'm happy to have discovered your blog! :) Cece


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