Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Progress on the renovations...

You can see lots more of the "before" photos in my previous post. Now see the new shingles and replacement windows. Woot! Woot!



And did you notice the pretty new door with craftsman style window and the lovely new exterior light fixture?



There will be a full-view storm door and the outside trim work will be wrapped in white vinyl. I think I will paint the door black to match the shutters.

Check out the progress in the back:



And want to see something TOTALLY gross? Look at the build up of dust and grime inside our old, original 1960 ductwork that has been ripped out:

Makes me start hacking just to look at it!

Oh, and as for the pink bathroom...I have decided to go with black and white and chrome and maybe do sort of a "retro" type of style in there. At Lowe's tonight I found a nifty $100 brushed chrome 4-light fixture for the fabulous clearance price of $20!! That will go on the wall over the vanity. I am thinking of painting the walls (what little there is above all that pink tile) with black and white stripes...either wide, or varying widths.

Care to see just a portion of the massive amount of duct work they have torn out from under my house? The heating guy said I had more duct work running under my house than the local community college!

And to close things up, here is what my hallway looked like today. Eek! Between the carpenters and the electricians and the heating and air guys, my house is filthy!

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kimodified said...

very exciting! I'm liking the new look!!


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