Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Spin Pic

Here is a picture of my first spinning. My friend gave me some Corriedale to practice on with first. I like how it spins, but I think the fiber would benefit from a little carding or combing. The fibers are not all lined up well and sometimes that leads to small fluffy bits in my spinning...or maybe it is because I am a TOTAL novice and don't know what I am doing! But generally speaking, I am happy with my singles.

Next thing to try: plying!


Sarah said...

The singles looks great. The fluffy is what gives it the hand-spun character :D I always say if you want smooth perfect yarn--buy commercial LOL Happy spinning!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Your yarn looks so small and uniform, I'm impressed! How did you like the Ladybug?? I'm holding out for a Lendrum....someday. You have a great blog!

Leslie said...

This is your FIRST spinning? Holy cow lady, you're going to be kicking major ass in no time!


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