Wednesday, October 08, 2014

My Fall/Winter 2014 Capsule Wardrobe

In my previous post I discussed the theory behind having a capsule wardrobe.  I also listed the parameters I set up to create a core wardrobe that works for me.

Essentially, I am doing a modified Project 333 wardrobe.  However, I am only counting my daily wear pieces in the 33.  I am not including my scarves and jewelry, nor did I count my special occasion items in that number.

To show that you can easily do this without breaking the bank, I'd like to point out that EVERYTHING listed below was already in my wardrobe.  I will list the 4 pieces purchased new this season in a separate category at the bottom.

Please note:  My core wardrobe reflects the fact that I live a very informal lifestyle.  However the same approach will function equally as well for someone who works in a differnt environment.

Labels are not important to me, but I have tried to include the name of most items, just in case you might want to shop for something similar.  However, bear in mind that many of these pieces are likely no longer available since they are not current season purchases.

Now, on to the nitty gritty: actual clothes I am using in my core wardrobe...


--jeans - Levis Curvy 529 Skinny Leg (a great fit if you are not stick-straight)
--jeans - Lucky Brand Easy Rider boot-cut jeans (I've worn these to pieces!)
--skinny micro cords - Lauren Conrad (a darker berry color than they appear in the photo)
--black skinny pants with zipper detail on the cuffs - Lanalee
--knee-length black skirt  - Exact Change (I've had this one for YEARS & it still looks great)

TOTAL: 5 pieces


--3 long-sleeved tees (sapphire blue, charcoal, black from Old Navy and JCPenney)
--1 berry plaid button-up - St. John's Bay
--1 white cotton button-up - Apt. 9 (still searching for the perfect white shirt!)
--1 plaid flannel button-up - LLBean
--1 charcoal turtleneck rib-knit sweater - Basic Editions
--1 sapphire v-neck rib-knit sweater - Basic Editions
--1 white sleeveless shell - Lanalee

TOTAL:  9 pieces


--charcoal hand-knit cabled cardi - MicheleStitches (me!)
--black hand-knit cardi - MicheleStitches
--burgundy hand-spun, hand-knit cardi - MicheleStitches
--black & white swing cardi - Alison Sheri

TOTAL: 4 cardigans


--brown Chaco hikers
--brown Danskos
--black Alegria clogs
--black flats

TOTAL: 4 pair


--black leather bag - LLBean
--brown leather bag - American Angel

TOTAL: 2 bags

NEW for Autumn 2014

I went shopping this weekend at Dress Barn and Brown's Shoe Fit Co., adding a black jacket, 2 patterned shirts, and a pair of tall black boots to my capsule. I have waited several years to get a pair of basic leather boots!

--black zippered jacket (I bought this in leiu of a traditional blazer) - roz & ALI Textured Moto Jacket

--blue/black patterned button-neck blouse - Plumage Print Popover

--chevron, pleated, button-up bohemian blouse - roz & Ali (sorry no link available)

--black leather riding boots - Bussola "Trapani Tall" - these are super comfortable & a great price for tall, full-leather boots (I paid $30 less than the suggested retail on the company's website.)

TOTAL:  4 new pieces

That equals 28 items to make up a core wardrobe that should give me a great variety of outfits for daily wear.

I did not list the following special-purpose items in my capsule wardrobe, but they are on hand to be used as needed:

--Outerwear - 1 lighter jacket, 1 heavier coat, 1 pair of snowboots

TOTAL: 3 pieces outerwear (bringing my grand total of daily wear to 31 items!)

--Transition pieces - 3 to 4 short sleeved shirts for those days when the early fall weather is still warm
--Accessories - my small collection of jewelry as well as scarves & shawls
--Underwear & sleepwear - that's none of your business!  :-D
--Work-out wear - athletic shoes, 2 pairs of old yoga pants & an assortment of older t-shirts
--Cleaning clothes - 1 older pair of jeans & a few shirts I don't care if I ruin

In addition to these, I also have 2 nice dresses, 1 pair of black dress slacks, and 2 pairs of dressy boots to wear on those rare occasions when I need to be more formal.

So, whaddaya' think of my capsule wardrobe?  Have you ever tried to have a core wardrobe of fewer items that all coordinate well?  I'd love to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

of course the cardigans you own are made by YOU! you're so cool. and i love the chevron blouse & boots you got. BOOTS. LOVE. SO GREAT.

i haven't done a capsule wardrobe, but i did make a list of what i thought i "needed" so i wouldn't buy anything except those items. after "2 bras that actually fit" (bc i only got sized this year!) was a black maxi skirt for work/regular life and i went to target today to use a birthday gift card and found one on sale for $10!!! i was so excited. ever since they became trendy last year (or was it the year before?) i've been waiting for a good deal :)

so i'm taking baby steps, too. but definitely being intentional.

i love you! you inspire me!!

<3 your daughter-in-love

Kat said...

You've got a great selection here! Love the berry cords, the plaid shirts, I love that you make AND wear your cardigans + your shoes all look like new (you polished them before you took the picture, admit it :) ), and your bags are so timeless! I would take them both.
I've also been waiting to get basic leather knee high boots, 2 years and counting, because apparently you now have to have a calf liposuction to wear them (that's an actual thing).
I'm very curious so see how you find the whole concept of having a limited wardrobe - I'm coping surprisingly well thus far.
Looking forward to reading more of your updates!


MicheleStitches said...

Actually, Kat, coincidentally, I did give my leather shoes and bags a "spa treatment" this past weekend in preparation for the upcoming season. I used leather conditioner first. Then I polished them. It something my parents taught quality leather goods, take care of them, and they can last you a life time! As a matter of fact, BOTH bags are hand-me-downs. One from my mother and one from my grandmother. Which just goes to show you that a classic shape will stand the test of time! Hmmm...sounds like a good topic for a future blog post. :-)

magnetique said...



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