Tuesday, June 13, 2006

To ALL my readers...(Ha! Ha! Har! Har! Ho! Ho!)

Just wanted to recommend a site to all of you...okay, I know nobody is reading this. It is my own fault. I used to blog quite regularly on another site and I had a group of friends who were frequent visitors. I have spent the past several months being silent and now nobody even knows I am here. (((sigh)))

Anyway, there is a new site out there for folks who like to save $$$ but not live like a bag lady. I have found her entertaining and informative. So go visit www.wantnot.net when you get a chance.

1 comment:

kimodified said...

**I** am here. You can't get rid of me THAT easily. Har har.

But I'm already there, getting the wantnot RSS feeds.

So tell me how YOU are, i miss you and I've been a poor communicator.

Your FAITHFUL reader,


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