Friday, June 02, 2006

One of Life's Petty Annoyances

I admit it. In some ways I am an old fashioned . I cook, from scratch, most of my family meals. Okay, I confess to the ocasional frozen pizza. I like to hang our clothes on the line whenever possible, and I iron my husband's shirts. It is not that love cooking. Nor do I have lot's of time to hang out at the clothes line or have a passion for my ironing board. It's just that in a family our size you have to economize as much as possible. (I've tried to convince them to stop eating, but that is a habit no one around here seems willing to give up.) Now about the do the math. 5 shirts a week times 52 weeks and that is a lot of $$$ spent at cleaners. Not me! No way! That would buy a lot of frozen pizzas!

So here is my dear hubby, bless his heart, likes 100% cotton shirts and he does not like polos. Hence, I must iron. Anyone who irons will know that you need steam to press a cotton shirt. For steam, you need water in the iron. What I want to know is: am I a clumsy stupid oaf or is there some serious design flaw in every iron I have ever owned?? Never, not once have I ever been able to get the water in the iron without making a huge mess!!! They put this teeny tiny hole on the top of the iron that no self-respecting stream of water wants to squeeze in. Then they ignore a basic law of two objects can occupy the same space at the same where does the air inside of the iron go when you fill it with water?? Right! It tries to escape out of the same miniscule hole the water is trying to go in. The result? A big, wet mess!

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kimodified said...

*faint* did you just blog?

I buy the "wrinkle free" shirts - some magically ARE 100% cotton -- I think! I'll check. But I set the timer and take them out of the dryer 75% dry, shake them well, and - close enough!

Of course that may not work hanging them on the line, I don't know. :-)

I hope someday to be more old fashioned and frugal than I am now. :-)



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