Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Note to Self...

Dear Me,

In the future, please remember that when going out for a special dinner with your inlaws, deciding three hours before departure to knit a bag to match your wrap may not be the brightest idea! You will create un-needed extra pressure on yourself. Also, you will run out of time and not be able to sew a proper lining in the the bag. In fact, you will find yourself seated in a limo tying the shoulder strap to aforementioned bag and trying to explain it all to the others who will of course think that you are loony.

Much love,


kimodified said...


That's funny.

Do you have pictures of the Special Event?

Which wrap, the first or the second?

MicheleStitches said...

It was the 2nd wrap. (black and white)

It was also my first ride in a limo!

Pam said...

This cracks me up, I do similar stuff, like...I'll just whip one up real quick...hehehehe.


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