Wednesday, March 14, 2007

On to the Next Project!!

I haven't been around much due to being chained to my sewing machine. Yes folks, it is in the upper 70's outside and I am sitting inside sewing and sick too! (I have some sort of upper respiratory infection--blah!) The previously blogged about colonial dress is done (well, except for the hem!) I promise a photo of finished product sometime soon. I am now moving on to the next pattern: Simplicity 4059

This is what my 15 year old son will be wearing to the Historical Ball. I have the shirt finished except for buttons on the sleeve cuffs. I even did the obligatory "stupid mistake." I can't seem to make anything without doing something wrong. This time I somehow managed to sew one sleeve on the shirt inside out! Now I know I checked! The problem was that I looked at the cuff of the sleeve to determine which side was in and which side was out. Then I proceeded to attach to shirt. Problem was, I had put the cuff on the sleeve inside out. SO, I had to take out the sleeve, and then take off the cuff, and do it all over. GRRRR!

I have also bought some faux leather and I am going to try to make some knee boots like you see in the photo without a pattern. Wish me luck! You know those famous last words..."Sure! I can make something like that! How hard can it be?" Heh! It is sure to be a challenge!

Oh, and during my blog absence, something very significant happened here. (Drum roll please.) My oldest turned 18. YIKES!! I am now the mother of a grown up. Shucks! I am still just a baby myself. (Okay, I hear you laughing! Now, stop it!)

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kimodified said...

wow, 18. I'm in denial right now that my children will grow up. la la la. Don't burst my bubble.
Way to go on the costumes, you're amazing.
but I hope you feel better soon, being sick is no fun. Especially if you have to work instead of lounging around pouting about feeling sick.


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