Friday, March 30, 2007

True Bliss

You know, after a busy week and an even busier day, I can't think of anything more lovely than being invited for dinner at a friend's house. I mean, think about don't have to plan, or cook, or even pay for the dinner. AND you get to share it with pleasant company.

I guess it is especially nice for me. Cooking for a large family can be taxing. It is nice to get a little break. And we don't get invited out often. I think the shear number intimidates and overwhelms some people.

Let me clue you in: if you have friends with a large family, invite them over! Don't worry about what you will feed them, or where you will seat them. I can promise you, they will be so pleased to just have the invitation and the break from the usual routine. You can give them hotdogs on paper plates and sit them on the floor and they will be thrilled.

By the way, we had lasagna and it was YUMMY! After dinner we played Pictionary using a dry erase board to better accommodate the large group. Great fun was had by all.

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kimodified said...

it's funny, even with a big family, inviting another big family over intimidates me -- although not so much the where to sit / what to eat (although that, a little) -- I tend to worry about what the older-than-mine children will do. Will they be bored with no older children and no older-kid toys?

all that is compounded by my lack-of-planning-skills. All my good intentions fall short when I never make the phone call to invite someone, not because I don't want them to come, but because I can't decide when to invite them and/or I just don't like the phone. :-P


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