Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Still Searching for a Camera...

I apologize for my prolonged absence. I realize that the blogs I enjoy have lovely pictures to accompany the text. I have not been blogging much because I don't have a working camera, and therefore my blog is now just bland black type on bland white background. My photography skills are not great, but everyone likes pictures, right?

Well, I am going to be looking for a camera in earnest this coming month. I do not have a lot of money to spend. I have been told the newer cameras come out in March, so I am hoping to find a good deal on "last year's" when the new ones come out.

Any equipment recommendations would be most welcome! I am also looking for a good book that will help me learn to be a better photographer. Those of you who are more experienced behind the lens, please, share your tips with me! (Ahem! Lil, Kim, are you reading this??)

1 comment:

theatreknitter said...

i will bring my camera to the meet up next week for you to plat with if you are still looking. it was rather inexpensive and easy to use, takes a good picture as well


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