Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Do I LOOK like Wonder Woman???

I am sick. It is like a scene from Little Women. While one of my children soothes my fevered brow, another is fluffing my pillow. Yet another asks if there is anything he can do or get for me. My daughter brings me a warm, comforting drink. The older ones remind the younger ones that Mother Dear is ill and they must be quiet so that she can get her rest.

Well, at least that is how it goes in my fantasy world!

In the real world, I am laying on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket, looking like death warmed over, hacking and sniffling, and my children are moving about as quiet as a herd of buffalo. I don't think it takes any supernatural powers of observation to deduct by my appearance (and the 100 used tissues that surround me) that perhaps I may be just a tad under the weather. But somehow, in my house I have to announce it.

"Mom, are we doing anything today?

"No. I am sick!"

"Mom, can you take us to the mall?"

"No. I am sick!"

"Mom, will you make me French toast?"

"No. I am sick!"

"Mom, what is for dinner tonight?"

"I am not sure, but let me get up and drag myself into the kitchen to prepare your meal. Oh, and if I should happen to pass out, and you find me laid out on the floor, please be kind and throw a little cold water on my face to rouse me."

I don't know. I would like to think that I have raised kind, compassionate, thoughtful children. However, I have failed. It is either failure, or they have somehow gotten in their minds that I am Wonder Woman, totally impervious to all infections and viruses.


Elspeth said...

You have not failed. If there is a chronic human condition, it is selfishness. No more apparent than in our children when they want something. Or maybe they really do think you are Wonder Woman, in which case you have not failed-just the opposite-you've done a superb job at all you put your hands to so they figure you can conquer the sickness too without missing a beat!

Liliana said...

I'm so sorry yer sick. I read your post out loud to my husband. roflol! Oh bsyhsmom, you are the best way for me to start my morning. I love ya!

kimodified said...

I'm sorry you've been sick! I was sick last week. And I had to announce it and work hard to get some pampering. ;-)

Jules said...

I read this post a while back and had a good chuckle over it. I read it again today and decided that I just had to comment. You have such a talent for setting the scene. I can picture it exactly as it happened (except of course that I don't know what you and your kids look like). Don't worry: it happens in my house too. Kids can get sick but mothers can't!

Blessings, Jules


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