Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Computer decisions.

I need a new laptop. Remember, my Sony Vaio was stolen by the dastardly thieves who broke into my house. I can not decide what to do. I want a Mac. But do I need a Mac?

I hate making major decisions about spending money. I get this paralyzed feeling. I think the root of the problem is this: I don't have a lot of money. In fact, we live on a very, very, very small income. (I am not complaining. We may be "technically" living below the poverty line in rich American standards, but we live very well compared to most people on this planet. I have a nice home, food, clothes, shelter, running water, etc.) Back to my point...I don't often have discretionary money. Spending more than $50 is a big deal to me. When I have to make a major purchase (appliance, furniture, etc.) I want to be absolutely certain that the money is spent wisely. Whatever I choose is going to have to serve me well and last me a while. It is not as if I can replace it a year from now if I hate it, or it turns out to be a lemon.

So, back to the big decision...what's a girl to do? I have never met a Mac-user who didn't love their Mac. As one of my son's recently said:

"If you have a PC you are more likely to have repairs, you are more likely to have problems, you are going to have to deal with viruses. These things can be dealt with. Keep in mind that most PC have terrible inherent problems where they just crash for no reason and certain things won't work at all or whatever.

If you get a Mac you have a piece of equipment that you know will be useful for 4+ years. So you are making an investment. There are still nice functional macs from 2000 that are great. PC's from 2000 are delapidated and hideous. I would not get another PC to save my life at this point. I vote mac for reliability and peace of mind. But I am not the one to say that spending twice as much is a good idea."

And there is the it really worth twice the price to get a Mac? You know, if I bought a cheaper PC, I could use the money not spent on a Mac and get a spinning wheel.

But, if I buy a PC, am I buying a headache? Argh!!!

Oh, and just to tempt me further, yesterday Apple announces updates and improvements to the Macbook...all without raising the price!

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