Friday, October 02, 2009

Sanctuary violated!!

"Home." It conjures up images of family, laughter, baking bread, refuge. It is a place where a person can feel safe. There are some things we tend to take for granted until they are taken, life, safety. While my family was away form home Sunday night, someone smashed in our back door and robbed us! I still can not effectively put into words how this makes me feel. "Violated" is as close as I can get.

They stole some money and my laptop. Yes, my laptop with all my files, downloaded patterns, bookmarks, addresses, and many photos. (((sigh))) However, the thief took away a lot more than some cash and a computer. They stole from me and my husband the illusion of peace and safety. I know that it is a bad world OUT THERE. But here, in my home, I am supposed to feel safe! I can not tell you how creepy it is to think some stranger was wondering through my home, going through our stuff.

Ah well. What is a girl to do? I can tell you what this girl is doing...first, I am counting my blessings:

--No one was home when it happened
--No one was hurt
--Although they got away with some stuff, there was much they did not take (it truly borders on the can not help but wonder if God intervened and blinded their eyes so that they did not see certain things)
--The thugs did not go through my home and trash it

I am doing my best to remember that God is my refuge and my strength. Ultimately, I have to trust in His protection.

I am also sleeping with a big baseball bat under my bed!

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