Tuesday, November 03, 2009

New Laptop and Finished Socks

Yes, after all the angst and indecision, I am happy to announce that I am typing this on my NEW laptop! I will brag because I think I got an awesome deal!!

--Acer which gets pretty good customer ratings, Aspire 5517
--15.6" HD LCD screen
--250 GB hard drive
--3 GB memory
--AMD Athlon duo core processor
--Windows 7 (which I can attest is soooo much better than icky Vista)
--runs smooth and FAST!

And the best part???? It was on sale at Staples for $350. Yes, that is not a typo. At that price, I could not resist giving it a try. Maybe someday I will have a Mac of my very own, but I could not justify paying 3 times as much to get a Mac...I'm not on the computer enough.

And I recently finished my "Schroon Lake Socks."

Cast on, back in June during a road trip to upstate New York, they languished in a basket much of this summer. And even when I picked them back up, I was not very project monogamous. There were prayer shawls to knit and other things to do! But I did finish them. The cooler autumn weather motivated me. One can never have enough hand-knit socks when things start to get chilly. Especially someone like me who gets cold feet!


knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog and joining the giveaway drawing. Good luck!

Congrats on the nice new computer. Seeing as you got such a good deal on it, does it mean you are going to spoil yourself some more and get your new spinning wheel?

MicheleStitches said...

I am currently in the research and shop around mode. I am trying to learn as much as I possibly can about wheels so I can make an informed purchase. In the mean time, I hope and pray that no major appliance failure, car repair, or medical bill comes along and gobbles up the $$$ I hope to spend on a wheel!

kimodified said...

I'm glad you got a nice computer for a GREAT deal. I think it sounds like a wise choice. The socks are great! They look warm and toasty and beautiful!!


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