Saturday, January 01, 2011

Knitted LACE!

This is my final finished project for 2010. It was cast on way back in April, bound off the evening of December 30th, unpinned from the blocking boards the morning of December 31st, and proudly worn for New Year's Eve.

Although I had knit a bit of lace before endeavoring this pattern, I had never knit with lace WEIGHT yarn: a light, ethereal fiber not much thicker than thread. It was quite the learning experience for me and my hands.

Here is my finished shawl pinned to the blocking board.

The pattern is called "Rose Leaf Trellis Shawl." Can you see the leaves?

Knitted lace absolutely MUST be blocked! Here is a bit of mine in progress on the needles. See how squinchy it looks? You can barely distinguish the patterning.

Blocking stretches the lace and opens it up so you can see all the pretty stitches you worked so hard to create. It also makes it significantly bigger! My unblocked finished wrap was 60 inches long.

After blocking it was over 80 inches long and considerably wider:

You can find all the details (fiber, pattern, needles, etc.) on my Ravelry project page: BlueMoonArtistry's Rose Leaf Trellis Wrap.


Tara K said...

That is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing. I have never ever blocked. I think I'm intimidated by it.. scared silly ! lol. Nice lace work .. :)

Sarah said...

Stunning lace and beautiful finish. It's very elegant and polish. Glad to see it finished and I imagine 2011 would be just as exciting :D

Thanks for letting me know of the incorrect links. It's been corrected.

Damselfly Studio said...

Beautiful! A good friend of mine says that fine lace looks like dryer lint before it is blocked!


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