Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Latest Venture

Hello! Long time, no blog!

I've been a busy little bee, although I haven't made time to write about it! One thing that has kept me hopping is that I recently opened an Etsy shop. (Thanksgiving, 2011)

I am selling some hair sticks and jewelry.

But the best-sellers have been my fiber-arts accessories, like the drawstring project bags.

And I've made some zippered box bags in various sizes.

There are no exposed seams in ANY of my bags, even the box bags. Here's one turned completely inside out!

Many of my drawstring bags are completely reversible.

For folks on a tight budget, I offer a K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sweetie) Bag which is also fully reversible.

There are snag-free beaded stitch markers in fun shapes too.

Feel free to drop by the shop and look around any time! www.MicheleStitches.etsy.com
If you find something you like in the "sold" section, feel free to contact me.
I have been doing a lot of custom orders and I am happy to reproduce designs whenever materials are available to do so!


RTB said...

Yay! I check in from time to time - and today was serendipitous. Thank you for posting the photos of the creative things you are making - very inspirational! I love my project bag. It gives me pleasure to look at it because it is so pretty and well made. It makes knitting even more fun!

thetoddlerwhisperer said...

love those stitch markers! great idea! :)

*Michelle* said...

Those box bags are pretty amazing! :)


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