Tuesday, July 03, 2012


You know the old saying:  Keep It Simple Stupid.  Okay, maybe it's not the most polite way to make a point, but it does make a point!  Since I last blogged I have been reading a lot about the idea of simplicity and minimalism.  Am I planning on joining a Buddhist monastery and culling my possessions to only one robe and one bowl?  Goodness, no!  However, I can honestly say that THOUSANDS of pounds of STUFF has left our home and it feels so good!  I have been going through closets and drawers and the attic and letting go of all that STUFF that we don't use or love.  It is an ongoing process, but this is my goal.  Eventually I would like to say that every single thing I own is either useful and/or brings me joy.  If time permits, I will write more here about my journey.

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