Friday, January 17, 2014

Bordering on Miraculous...

Through a series of strange coincidences, we have just stumbled upon a lovely little historic bungalow (in a very desirable part of town & walking distance to my husband's work) that will be coming up for rent at HALF what we are currently paying!

This may be the answer to my prayers.  I am so stoked!

We have been budget crunching and house hunting for the last few months and have gotten rather discouraged at the high prices of the market where we live.

Seriously, folks.  This opportunity borders on miraculous. 

--Although it is old, it has had lots of updates (thermal windows, extra insulation, updated heating & plumbing.)

--The owner is the conscientious kind who takes wonderful care of her property and currently resides only a few blocks away.

--It is walking/biking distance to our public library...something that would thrill my 12 year-old voracious reader.

--It has all hardwood floors.

--It is a no-smoking, no-pets property (which is perfect since hubby has allergies.)

--I has adorable features like built-in craftman-style cabinets, a sunroom, and French doors.

--The lease is only 6 months, and then month-to-month.  That gives us wiggle room if our "dream home" should come on the market at an affordable price.

--Did I mention that the rent is HALF what we are currently paying?  :-)

I have only seen photos of the interior.  It is currently occupied, so we still have to walk through it; but today I met with the landlord and she sent me home with the rental paperwork, so I think it could be ours if we want it.

I am trying to not get too excited, only to have my hopes dashed into smithereens...but I may be keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed. 

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