Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Where Life Took Us...

In August of 2012, in a post titled "How to Let Go of Stuff" I wrote the following:
"Another mental image I use is imagining all my stuff on chains attached to my ankles.  If I am sitting in one spot these shackles may not be a big deal, but if I want to get up and move, all that dead weight is dragging behind.  The more I let go, the lighter my burden and the freer I will be to easily pick up and go wherever life takes us!"

When I wrote that blog post, sitting in warm, humid, eastern NC, I had no idea that life was going to take us somewhere far, far away in the following WYOMING! Dear Hubby was offered his dream job in February 2013, and we made plans to relocate.

When we found out we would be moving cross-country, words can not begin to describe how very thankful I was that I had spent the previous year decluttering and letting go of STUFF.  What a relief to have already sold our house and downsized to a much smaller rented condo just a few months before the job offer came.  Our only large financial commitment was the 6 month lease we had to complete.  The new employer said they could wait.

The amazing thing was after all that "letting go," when it came time to pack for "The Big Move," I found even more STUFF that could be jettisoned.  STUFF that we had moved to the condo and not used a single time during those 6 months.  We were able to fit all our worldly possessions into a single Penske truck for the long cross-country trek.  I can testify: packing up every single thing you own and loading it into a truck is not only physically demanding, it is seriously STRESSFUL.  But, as challenging as it was, if I had not already done the emotional and physical release of so many things, "The Big Move" would have probably caused an emotional breakdown for me!

And now, here I sit in the kitchen of my rental home in Wyoming.  Wanna' see the view from my deck during warmer months?

And here is what it looks like during this time of year.  (No morning coffee on the deck today!)

Now that we have settled and know we want to stay out here in the Wild West, we are searching for a home to buy...three moves in less-than 2 years?!  Oy vey!

And you know what?  I have a feeling when the time comes, I will be letting go of even more STUFF!

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