Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ack! Has it been almost a week?!?!

Don't you just hate it when you go to a blog that you visit regularly day after day, only to find that the blogger has not made any new posts??? Oh wait! Ummm, that would be me! Sorry about that. It is just that in the grand scheme of things, blogging has gotten pushed way down on my list. Sorry to neglect my blog and leave you hanging. I have not been able to post my projects because I have been working on something for my secret pal. (and if I posted it, it would not be secret!) And my life has been pretty boring to read about. Here is how my past week has gone: (Warning! These are just the boring details of my life, so please feel free to move on to a more exciting blog now.)

--Friday was get ready for the outdoor artisan's market. This means gathering all my creations and borrowing a tent and tables for display.
--Saturday found me out of bed before 6 a.m. and dragging all my "goodies" (i.e. hairsticks, jewelry, needlework and my son's photography) off to a nearby town to sit under a tent and peddle my wares. We did very well, thank you! Saturday evening was spent returning the borrowed tables and tent and then rushing to the kitchen to prepare food for Sunday because...
--Sunday was homecoming at our church. Is homecoming a southern thing or universal? Well, to explain it in 20 words or less, it is essentially like a family reunion, but for the church family. Everyone brings lots of yummy food and you fellowship. To make it an even more hectic day, on Sunday evening, the youth group were gathering at our house, so that meant Sunday afternoon was spent cleaning up (although I don't know why I bothered!) and preparing food to feed the hungry masses. It was great fun.
--Monday was back to home schooling all the usual family madness. (Lot's of shuttling people back and forth to various commitments.
--Tuesday meant a Dr's appt for my 12 year old son. If you pray, keep him in your prayers please, he has a medical issue that I will not broadcast to the world for the sake of his privacy.
--Wednesday brought more shuttling around during the day and AWANA on Wednesday night. My younger kids participate and my older ones help the leadership.
--And today, well let's just say I have driven one child to a violin lesson. Come home. Driven a son to the community college for a meeting. Come home. Taken 2 teens to a meeting at a house across town, dropped off another at her piano lesson, run an errand, retrieved the pianist, come home...and I STILL have to go back and pick up the teens from their meeting across town!!

Saying that I am a stay-at-home mom is becoming the family joke.


kimodified said...

Ooh, which son does photography? Any pictures posted somewhere?

I've had a crazy week and I only have a little shuttling to do. It's amazing how much time *normal life* takes up when you actually DO it instead of sitting and blogging. LOL. I am getting a little anxious, though, about the future -- even if each child only gets to do ONE activity, I'll be driving all over! Can I make them all do the SAME activity?

I'm glad to see you're back.

I bought some knitting needles and some yarn. My plan is to 1.) felt an apple (I was going to do a pumpkin but there was no orange wool, LOL) and 2.) make dishcloths, for practice knitting. Probably actually do #2 first because, um, I don't actually know how to knit. LOL.

MicheleStitches said...

Kim, definitely make dishclothes first. They are nice, small projects that don't make you feel overwhelmed. And if they don't look so great, hey! Who cares? They are for washing dishes, right?

My 16 year old is the photographer. He has actually sold a few things. He really has an eye for it. After he took a class at a local camera store, they offered him a job. He has named his photography business "Fastidious Photography." I loooove the name but he is thinking of changing it because he says that no one knows what "fastidious" means! Bah! on our illiterate society!

I will see if there is anywhere on line you can go to see some of his work. He did most the shots on my site ( that is not his best stuff. His best stuff is when he captures something very mundane and it becomes a work of art through the lens.

Marcia said...

Good gracious, I'm tired just reading your entry!

I still think about your afghan often! LOL! How is it coming? Did you finish it? One day I will be good enough at crocheting to make one myself. Oh yes.


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