Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Still alive and kicking!

I'm still alive and doing fine. I have just been too busy living life to blog about it!!

That tends to happen sometimes, especially when you are the mom of 7 kids and you home school all of them and it is the beginning of the school year, and you have a mother who is in poor health and needs meals and visiting, and your family is active at church with AWANA and Word-of-Life, and you have a small at-home business with orders rolling in, and you are participating in two different swaps at Crochetville because you like to make things, and you are fortunate enough to be married to a man who actually likes you and wants to spend time with you and he deserves a little attention, and because you are having a lot of muscle and joint pain and your hair is shedding like crazy, you make a Dr's appointment, even though you hardly EVER go to the Dr, and the Dr. has the gall to suggest that if the thyroid and iron tests come back normal, you may have too much stress in your life and wants to give you a prescription for that, and you laugh in his face because you would rather ache all over than take some drug that messes with your brain chemistry, (which is not a judgement on others, just a personal thing) and so you are trying to spend less time on line and get more rest and sleep and eat more healthy so that your body can heal itself...

Not that I would know anything about this. I am just speaking hypothetically.


kimodified said...

did you have them do that *other* thyroid test? I don't know which is which but supposedly the "standard" one can come back normal and the other ones can still be off ... that would also possibly effect the hair loss thingie, too.

I'm about ready to sign up for pills to reduce stress and make me rested LOL ;-)

Pam said...

These are times when you breathe deep, slow everything down, YOU are the most important person in yourlife, because with out you, you can't love/cherish/help/care-for all the other great people in your life. It is so hard to take that time to "take care of yourself" because it is so easy to worry and work on others.

This is all easier said then done, but please do take good care. -Pam

Anonymous said...
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