Thursday, March 29, 2007

Nifty Stuff From My Secret Pal

I have a wonderful secret pal from Wyoming. Just look at what she sent me last week! I still haven't figured out exactly how she made the first item.

And check out how perfect her stitches are!

Thank you, Secret Pal. You're the BEST!!!


Melissa said...

Wow!She sent you some wonderful gifts. I love the little scrubby and the pinwheel hot pad... It is all beautiful!

kimodified said...

those are really nice! crocheted, right? They're lovely.
Is the first one made in 'spokes' that are folded over and then later stitched together, maybe?

Pam said...

Beautiful yarn and perfect stitches, so sweet. Glad to see a post, was wondering how you're doing. -Pam


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