Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Sorry. Can't talk now. I'm too busy playing with this:

I have a fiber friend who is getting married and spending her honeymoon cycling in Italy. Yes, you read that right -- a honeymoon in ITALY. Let's all breathe a collected sigh of pity for the poor gal. ;-P

So, she is letting me "babysit" her Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel while she is gone. Wheeeeeee!

I tried to make myself watch the whole how-to video first, but after about 15 minutes, I just dived right in. The fiber you see on the bobbin in the photo is what I have spun so far.

I'm hoping that after having a wheel for almost a month I will get thoroughly bored with it and kill the desire to have my own wheel...

Ha! hA! Ha! hA! Ha! hA! Ha! hA! Ha! hA! Ha! hA! Ha! hA! Ha! hA!

Yeah, right.


Sarah said...

Brace yourself, my dear...Spinning on wheel is just addictive as with spindles. I love them both. Look forward to your spinning goodness and what they will become :D

Ladybug is the most popular one among my spinner friends.

Robin said...

Italy would be wonderful :) I would never want to come home . And the Lady Bug spinning wheel would not go back home with her,lol.. Have alot of fun with that wheel..


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