Wednesday, January 05, 2011

He's Smart, Plays Guitar AND Wears Cool Socks!

Take the above yarn.

Add knitting needles, time, and determination.

Eventually you end up with... pair of pretty cool socks for an awesome 17 year-old son!


Tara K said...

Wow .. very kewl! :) I'm sure he's going to love those.
Are those wire coat hangers you are using for sock frames?

kimodified said...

I like them!

I also like the hanger sock shapers! That looks a lot less expensive than the fancy-pantsy wood ones I've seen online!

MicheleStitches said...

Yes, my sock blockers are just coat hangers. This impoverished gal hasn't coughed up the cash for "real" sock blockers! As lovely as the wood ones are, unless I was gifted wood ones, I would probably buy the plastic kind. When properly blocking knits, steam or water is involved. My experience is that neither steam nor water are friends of wood. Wood blockers would be useful for making pretty pictures and I would be proud to own some, but since they usually cost more, it's wire coat hangers for me.

MicheleStitches said...

By the way, honesty dictates I clarify something...I usually don't block my socks. Since I am not knitting "fancy" socks, blocking is really not necessary unless I want to prettify them for photos. By the time a pair is finally finished by this pokey knitter, the intended recipient does not want to wait another day or two for blocking to happen!

Leslie said...

I made a pair of socks with that yarn, and it came out a lot nicer than I thought it would. (They are currently worn by owner every night...except when washing is needed..and maybe even then). I was expecting a lot of breaks, since that's what happens with the sock yarn I usually buy. . .even the nicer stuff.


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