Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Math

3 days + 0 caffeine = 1 grumpy woman


kimodified said...

you can do it! you can DO IT! You're coming over the hump now! Hold fast! It's worth it! I still believe that!

I have a confession, I had a little bit of coffee on Sunday at church. :-( so I guess technically I'm on day 3, too. I feel really bad about having that little bit, because, really, I've been caffeine free since that horrible Tuesday in late November. The 28th, it was.

Anyway, still, it's worth it. I am so much less foggy and more 'naturally' tired these days, rather than that drugged tired. Does that make sense?

It's worth it! You can do it!

Oh, I'm sorry, that's probably way too much chatter and enthusiasm and wordiness for a woman in withdrawal! I'm sorry! I'll stop right now!

Pam said...

Nuff Said! Perhaps a little isn't so bad? Or at least not "cold turkey". Hang in there.

Anonymous said...
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