Monday, February 01, 2010

Dear "Amy"

Dear "Amy",

Thank you for taking time to read my blog. I am thoroughly impressed by the number of older posts you have recently read. You must have stayed up until all hours of the night, glued to your computer, entranced by my riveting posts about motherhood, homemaking and needlework; fascinating stuff, I know. I am sure you read all those older posts because you were kind enough to leave comments in each one of them.

However, since I can not read Chinese, I am unable to fully appreciate your comments. I tried an online translator, but feel certain that the translator was not working properly because its translation of some of the things you wrote made me blush (and I am a married woman!)

Amy, I am sure, unlike those nasty spammers that lurk in cyberspace, that you meant no harm. But since my blog is G-rated, I am now having to spend a lot of time an effort going through each one of your comments and manually deleting them. I am sure this extra work was not your intention. However, we would not want anyone else to use the same translator (which I am sure must be faulty) and be misled by your comments. I know you will understand when I ask that your refrain from making further comments on my blog to prevent any more misunderstandings.

Sincerely yours,


PS Because of this unfortunate event, I have felt compelled to activate comment moderation on my blog. Please, dear Amy, do not take this personally! I just feel that this is the best way insure that those nasty, evil spammers are kept away from my readers.


Unknown said...

Wow. How frustrating that you had to do all that! People just have way too much free time on their hands (and unGodly thoughts running through their heads).

Anna said...

I had to do that a couple years back. It got pretty obnoxious. I understand completely.

Jennifer said...

I think that comment moderation is the best way to keep away the spammers. Another trick is to turn off comments on posts older than a week. For some reason spammers really seem to go after the older posts. Good luck! Cute post.

Liliana said...

Man, I hate to hear about this.

Liliana said...

I got the jimmy finger a minute ago and clicked send to fast.

I hate to hear that someone did such a thing on your blog. This is two blogs I know of in one day with less than desirable experiences. My WordPress blog that I never use gets spammed ALL the time. It's a real pain.

Unknown said...

I am a Christ-follower, too.

Sarah said...

Luckily for me, I have only deleted one comment since I started blogging and it was just plain advertisement. I hate if and when I have to moderate. But then, I have friends who let reading their blogs by invitation only??

Thanks for your encouraging commerent on one of my recent felted house slippers. They are my own patterns which in the process of fine-tuning for publishing either via Ravelry, Etsy, PatternFish. They are really fun to make. I have made the ones by FiberTrends and disliked how complicated it's for newbies. My goal was for people to have fun making the, practical (even my teen would want to wear), and quick to make for families, friends, and charities. We have been hitting hard this past year like many and this is only venue I see that permits me still be with my children, volunteer, and somehow lighten my hubby's burden. Our Lord has always provided according to His Plan, so I am confident we will make it through as we have had in the past :D Thanks again for your reassuring cheers. You sure have brightened my day :D


Jules said...

This must be so frustating. I keep getting spam on my website now. We'll change something and for a few days it will settle down and then it will start up again but slightly different. There just seems to be no way to get rid of it all at once. And I will admit that some of it was so disgusting that it made me blush. Hopefully it was deleted from the guestbook before anyone saw it. But what a shame that there are some that have nothing better to do than send such vile comments.


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