Friday, February 26, 2010

For Liliana

Liliana wrote: "Tell me, how do the washcloths wear? Could you post a photo of a used one? Is that too weird? But I would like to know how well it lasts with use."

You asked for it. You got it! :-)

This dishcloth has been in heavy rotation in our kitchen for the last year or two. Although it does not look like the cheerful, lime green, striped cloth that I started with... has given us lots of faithful service. The faded colors are due to the fact that I am sometimes forced to clean my dishcloths with bleach. I just can not seem to get some members of my family to completely grasp the concept of rinsing and hanging a dishcloth after every use. The kids have gotten a lot better about it, but I still occasionally find a cloth that has sat wet for too long. Ick! No one likes a smelly dishcloth!

I will add that for the most part, I am a process knitter/crocheter. In other words, I knit and crochet because I enjoy the act of knitting and crocheting. I am also on a tight budget, making it cost prohibitive to knit many of the projects that I would love to tackle. However, consumable items like socks and dishcloths are great projects for me. Dishcloths are instant gratification. A little cotton, a hook or some needles, a new stitch pattern to try out, a few hours, and I have a finished project. I can work them in fun and funky colors that would be gaudy in a garment. Dishcloths have a very limited lifespan, so everyone can always use more, making them great little gifts too! And don't forget, they aren't just for the kitchen. They are excellent in the shower as well. For another nice gift idea, pair a pretty cloth (call it a "spa cloth") with a bar of fancy soap or some body wash.

As an added bonus, here are a few pics of another cloth, older and soon to be retired.


Sarah said...

I LOVE the new look. Awesome makeover. And PROCESS is GOOD.

MicheleStitches said...

Thanks, Sarah. I gave my blog a makeover in early February and I have been really happy with the new layout. I think it is much "cleaner" looking. The only issue I am having is sometimes the photos are not showing up in the "You Might Also Like:" section at the end of each post. Oh, well, we wouldn't want perfection, would we???

Liliana said...

Wow, thank you for a post about my question and with a photo even. I see the remnant of a lime green lines in it still! A friend of our son's asked me to teach him to knit and I thought of a washcloth being a good first, quick, project, but wasn't sure how long it would last. I think I might want to do it now!

By the way, I do like your new layout too. I've always liked the three column layouts best of all.

Jules said...

This is something I've thought of trying because I have a whole lot of a gorgeous blue cotton leftover from a jumper I knitted and because it looks like a nice quick and easy project. Mine will have to be knitted though because I can't crochet. I was thinking of just using mine in the bathroom but I might make enough for the kitchen too. You've really inspired me to get started on this soon.

MicheleStitches said...

Lil, I have knit dishcloths too. Since I have a pair of socks and a cardigan currently on my knitting needles, I have been turning to my crochet hook for a bit of a change-up on the dishcloths.

A basic garter stitch dishcloth is a perfect first project for a beginner knitter. Here is one link to the instructions if you need them:


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