Friday, February 05, 2010


Ah, Green Monster! Once we were such close friends. We communed daily. What happened to our relationship?

Okay, I know. It is really all my fault. I am the one who wandered away. But you must admit, you are rather raw and so cold! It was easy to lured away by warm, comforting drinks during this bitter wintry season. I was weak. I am sorry. But I would like to renew our ties. Whaddaya' say?

And as for you, Ms. Michaels...

I am not sure if you are really my good friend. After our get together on Tuesday, I limped around the house in much agony for two days. Yeah, I know. Once again, that is all my fault. If I had been working out for the past few months, our visits wouldn't be so painful. Do you remember our glory days?? Remember the times when we felt so strong that we would do Level 1 and Level 2 back-to-back in one day? Good times!

Do you think we could recapture the magic? I hope so.

It is often said that bad company corrupts good morals. I know that is true. I fear I have been running around with the wrong crowd, spending too much time hanging out with empty carbs, coffee, comfort foods and the sofa. Oh, they can be a lot of fun in the moment, but I hate myself later for the way I behave around them. They are a bad lot and I have allowed myself to be led me astray.

Do they care about me? No!

Do they make me a better person? No!

Do my jeans feel tight? Yes!

Something's gotta' change. And it is gonna' start now!


Marissa said...

I have that same sort of relationship with a rowing machine and the elliptical.

And my Tae Bo.

Actually, all forms of exercise LOL

(UnseelieSuccubus on Rav)

MicheleStitches said...

I love TaeBo! However, last year I suffered some sort of injury that had all the symptoms of a bulging disc in my lower back. It was awful! The twisting in both my TaeBo and bellydance workouts seemed to exasperate the problems, so I have avoided those ever since.

Sarah said...

Green smoothies and I are best friends for years :D One of the presentation led by 13-year-old in our homeschool group at our weekly Snack & Learn on Monday was Green Smoothies--how to add more greens into our diets, especially the kids. For most, it was inviting. For some, theirs were blue (thanks to the love affair with The Berries!)

Great makeover on your page too :D (I've only been up for 7+ hours to maneuver around all the complicated html codes!)

Anna said...

This cracks me up. Literally. And do you want to know why? I photographed my green smoothie in the same exact glass you did and with the same straw sticking out at almost the same angle just yesterday morning to blog about. I failed to post it and when I saw your post my first thought was..."how did she get my picture of my green smoothie?" Great minds think alike, I must say.

Mountain Knitter said...

I just bought greens today at the grocery to start making smoothies again. I'm having the same problem as c-c-c-c-cold! I'm finding myself drinking hot herbal teas all day long instead. And I miss my own home-grown greens too. TOMORROW!

I need to end my relationship with my comfy couch right now and walk on my treadmill. I'm nursing a foot injury another 2 weeks before I get back into (trying to) jog. Happy times! We CAN do it! Feb is always the hardest.

2much said...

At least you know when you've "fallen off the wagon." Too many people complain about being fat but don't do anything about it.

MicheleStitches said...

Hey Anna, as the saying goes...Great minds think alike!

Also, weird things happened and I never got the email notification that your comment (as well as two others!) was awaiting moderation. I just happened to stumble across it today. Sorry for the delay in getting it posted.


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