Thursday, January 07, 2010

Tea for Two

Yesterday my friend, Melissa, invited me over for tea and girl talk. She really made it special. There were candles and pretty dishes. There was fresh fruit and whipped cream. She even made homemade scones (orange-chocolate chip) but they were so yummy I forgot to take a picture of them!

But the pies de resistance was the tea! First she filled her nifty clear glass teapot with hot water. Then she dropped in a boring, nondescript, unremarkable, dry bud.

That is when the show began. Slowly, the bud began to open into a lovely flower.

Not only pretty to look at, it was delicious too!

Taking a photo from above was a real challenge! The lense on the camera tended to steam up, but I finally worked it out.

Tea was followed by knitting and more girl talk. It was such a nice time.

While I was there, I finally got to take some photos of the sweater I crocheted for her baby shower months and months ago. I am happy to say it looked well-worn.

Then the baby woke up all smiles and coos. Isn't she precious?


Ellen Bloom said...

What a lovely day! I have the same "Desert Rose" Franciscan dishes!

Melissa said...

Ah Michele, what a great tea time we had. Let's do that again soon! And Ellen these dishes belonged to my beloved Grandmother, affectionately known to us as Nunu. I inherited them before she died when I was in college and I think of her everytime I use them.


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