Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter's Day Well Spent

Friday night and Saturday brought a little snow and a lot of freezing rain, sleet and ice our way. It made for a very grey, cold, wet day.

OUTSIDE: Brrrrrr!

INSIDE: Simmering chili.


INSIDE: Corn bread. (To go with the chili, of course!)

OUTSIDE: Lonely swingset.

INSIDE: Monopoly by the fire.

OUTSIDE Not much traffic today!

INSIDE: Warm, spicy chai. (Recipe can be found here.)

OUTSIDE: Ice everywhere.

INSIDE: Plenty of time for knitting. You can read more about my Valentine's scarf here on Ravelry.

I lived in Michigan for 5 years. I remember how stir crazy I could get with months of days like this. I certainly don't miss that! However, in these parts we don't get much "proper" winter weather. A weekend of forced hibernation has been rather nice. It has been quite pleasant, I confess, to have a few days where everything shuts down, and everyone slows down!


Unknown said...

Your chili, cornbread and chai tea all look wonderful! I am really hungry right about now, so after seeing that, I'm thinking I need to go eat lunch :). I love winter, but around this time of year I am starting to get ready for spring. We have had lots of snow this year, and it is really COLD right now.
I'll have to check out your chai recipe. Thanks for sharing that!

Ebeth said...

Hey Michele! We cooked chili (Southern Living's Friday night chili) and did biscuits, played monopoly and I did some crocheting.

Small world! simple pleasures!


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